Our Services

We provide our clients with different types of translation and interpretation services, depending on their needs. If you are organising an international conference, you will need simultaneous interpretation. While the conference lasts, additional meetings may be held, hence you may need to hire a consecutive interpreter. In the case of more low-key meetings in smaller settings where one or two participants receive interpretation, whispered interpretation (chuchotage) will be the best option.

The interpreter may be also a sworn interpreter, if required for the meeting.
We translate (including certified translation) all documents, contracts, instructions, public speeches, press releases, training materials and materials for internal use, as well as localise websites and apps.

Our team features experts in audio transcription, transcreation and real-time voice translation (SPEECH-TO-TEXT).
Our range also includes training courses for translators and interpreters. We are responding to the needs of translators and interpreters who wish to constantly improve their skills. We offer courses in diplomatic protocol, computer-assisted translation tools, voice coaching, note-taking, etc.

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