Price quote

Each assignment or job is subject to an individual price quote.

The price of translation depends on several factors:

  • the length of the text;
  • language combination;
  • execution time;
  • file format.

In case of interpreting assignments, the quote takes into account the duration of the conference, the number of language combinations, the number of interpreters required, equipment essential for the assignment, etc.

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    What does the price of a conference interpreting assignment cover?

    Language proficiency

    It seems obvious, but it isn’t. Meanwhile, good interpretation requires excellent command of the source and target language, excellent grasp of their nuances, puns and idioms and cultural references.

    Specialist knowledge

    In addition to language proficiency, the interpreter should also demonstrate sound knowledge of a given area. Many interpreters have completed graduate or refresher programmes in various fields. They are constantly investing in their professional development.


    Taking on an assignment, the interpreter books his or her time on that day: to arrive at the venue and return home, knowing that the meeting/conference may last longer. The interpreter remains available to the client regardless of the circumstances. Even with a short assignment, the interpreter must book nearly an entire workday.

    Interpreting skills

    Great interpretation requires a profound grasp of interpreting skills, including note-taking skills or the ability to use various models of SI equipment or wireless interpreting devices, etc. This requires many years of experience and constant development.


    Each interpreting assignment requires adequate preparation: learning about the client’s specific profile, the subject of the conference, terminology, products or services. Very often preparation for the assignment takes more time than interpreting itself.


    You pay only for interpreting.

    In other words, even a short interpreting assignment requires years of studies and professional experience.

    The same goes for any other type of interpreting or translation.

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